woocommerce dynamic pricing discount table


We are using the flatsome theme, and we are facing the problem with the variable products on variation change display of the dynamic pricing table for the variable product’s.

We are using “Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing” plugin to apply discounts and to display the table on the product page we have added a bit of code in the theme’s function’s.php file, with the help of this we are able to display the table on the product page, which woks fine with the simple product, but the problem is with the product which has variations.

Example: If I have a variable product with two size variation, each size has different pricing table structure, then on the variation select the display of the pricing table should change on the product page.

How to fix it??

Reply as soon as possible.

Thank You


This is not the place to ask for support.

kindly contact the item developer for item related support.

The support you need is here

Bear in mind that if the issue is with a 3rd party plugin and especially if you edited the core theme files then there may not be a solution the author can provide