WooCommerce Deposits - Partial Payments Plugin discuss

​Dear friend,
I have been puzzled with 3 questions before buying the plugin (WooCommerce Deposits - Partial Payments Plugin), could you please kindly offer some help?
Question 1: If we use this plugin in our site, how will the refund arrange when the buyer wants to return the goods.
Question 2:​Is this partial payment can only be paid in 2 times? Can we set a 3 period payment for one order? And when the buyer pays the first part of amount, will we get the money at the same time? Or we will get all of it at once?
Question 3: How can we be sure that the customer will pay all the money in the end, if there is any insurance for this?
Thanks in advance.


Please us this link to post these 3x questions directly to the author of the plugin. You can post them in a comment.

I’m not sure if it will see this forum post, so best solution for you is by contacting the author directly on CC.

Good Luck!

Thank you so much, already done.
Have a nice day~:grin: