WooCommerce Deposits + Event Tickets Plus

Looking for guidance or perhaps a freelancer to fix a problem I’m having with a client website getting WooCommerce Deposits and Modern Tribe’s Event Tickets Plus to actually work together:

We have attempted following these directions (https://theeventscalendar.com/knowledgebase/selling-tickets-from-the-woocommerce-products-page/) to get deposits to work correctly for tickets but the one particularly about changing the function.php just blows up the whole site. The WooCommerce Deposits plugin works on products but not events.

Working: http://liquidmotionct.com/product/liquid-cropped-tank/
Not Working (Deposit Option isn’t listed like it is in the “regular” products): http://liquidmotionct.com/lm-event/grand-rapids-mi-flirt-fitness-september-21-24-2017/

Help? Thoughts? Freelancers to fix?

Envato Studio has several WooCommerce installation and customization experts :smiley:

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Hey! Did you ever get deposits working t=with the Events Tickets / Calendar plugin? I’m looking for exactly the same thing!

nope. =( found a guy that had it fixed for a bit and then it un-fixed itself. Not sure if an update to the plugin or wordpress effectively “erased” it or what.