Woocommerce customer menage order after pay

Hi! I’m looking for a plugin which will make my customer able to fill out forms after pay
I want them to pay first for a product and after they do a payment make them allowed to customise an order in their account page.

For example they pay first for a product which is a website. and after that they go Myaccount and from menu they are choosing Product which they bought and then they are filling a form, like upload logo, header, menu.

I can do it by additional checkout field. But i want to make them first pay, and after checkout process make them able to upload information about the product which they bought.
Perfect will be if admin will be notified about those kinds of change
I hope my English is understandable enough


I know plugin which can provide feature to customize on product page itself.

Hi! Thank U for an answer, I need a plugin where people will pay for a product and after purchase customizes the order.

As You know, many people are lazy.
So i want them first pay for a product/website, and after purchase fill out a form.
If I will give them option to write what they want, upload pictures, text before they pay, no one will pay, because 95% of people will not collect those informations for me.

I hope U know i mean.

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