WooCommerce Custom Product Generator Plugin (upload image, text, password, checkbox...)

I want to sell products where the user needs to add some further infos before being able to put it into the cart and finally buy it.
Doesn’t need to be a big fancy generator, more like some kind of custom form.

Fields for example:

  • upload an image
  • enter texts in text fields
  • enter password (hidden text)
  • make choices with checkboxes

Is there an Envato or Free Plugin which can do that?

The fields don’t need to influence the price, the price stays the same.

Hi fantasmo81 !

As per your requirements and details there seems to have no ready made script or solution available at market.
I can create a plugin for you in this regard. It will be a custom plugin as per your expectations and requirements. Please contact me through email so that we can proceed and deliver you an outstanding / great plugin