Woocommerce Checkout Addons & Upsells


I’ve a question about this plugin. Is it possible to show a whole catagory as upsell in the checkout? So it random takes few products out of that catagory to show?


If we are speaking for https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-checkout-upsells/18318326
you can add as many products as you want on the checkout products to be related and it will show them all.


I mean… I have like 1000+ products and my products that I want to upsell are in 1 catagory.
Do I need to link every product to a upsell product or can I just add 1 catagory automaticlly?


Actually it is product based, but we can do it to get the products from one category if you want and have them listed there automatically, it can be easy and not hard to be done :slight_smile: !!!

That would be really nice! How can I make that work?

Email me when you have the plugin ( on support ) and will get it short out :slight_smile:

Too bad you’re not replying my emails anymore. I want a refund

Could you please reply to your email? I’ve emailed 5 times by now. If you can’t help me out, just tell me and don’t ignore me please

Email at support@creativeg.gr