Woocommerce automatic ticket/voucher system per product


I have been searching and searching, but can’t seem to find what I am looking for.

I use Woocommerce to sell (day) tours, transportation and tickets (like museums or theme parks).
What I want:

  1. When somebody books a tour it shows up in my WooCommerce list: Orders.
  2. Then I check if all the booking information is there and the booking has been paid.
  3. When that is done, I click in WooCommerce on “Complete”
  4. Then the part that I can’t fix:
  • An automatic email should be send to the customer including the PDF tickets. Every tour (product) has his own ticket. So not 1 PDF invoice which include all the tours (products).
  • Also, per product I want to add additional information that has to been printed on the ticket too. Like pickup time, what to bring etc.

At the moment I do everything manual. So when somebody books I copy all the information into a Word document, save it as PDF and send it to them.

Should be a way (plugin?) to automate this.



If you change dates and other things for tours , my advice is to make custom solution for Woocommerce. You will hardly find out of box solution.
You can contact me and we can talk.


I agree with @Zaccc this is definitely a custom (and likely not quite extensive) build.

With so many variables and the process you are moving outside the what woo commerce is intended for and towards the custom dedicated travel type platforms that exist.

You may be able to find someone who can create something to do it with WP but you will need to vet their skill set carefully.

Thank you! I will thing about it. And sorry for the late reply (work and travel at same time).