WooCommerce Addon that shows all variations at once

Hi there,

I have a website where people can buy tickets for events using WooCommerce (using a plugin from CodeCanyon) - but there are different prices for different membership types. At the moment, it displays a drop down menu where you can select a variation (as per a normal WooCommerce product page); but I’d like it to display all the variations and have the amount of products to purchase next to it.

Membership type:
Member type 1: $1.00 [-1+] - Add to Cart
Member type 2: $2.00 [-1+] - Add to Cart

Hope that makes a little bit of sense.


I think you can try this one: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-variations-to-table-grid/10494620

Thanks, I found that afterward and am currently using it.