Woo-Square - Internal Server Error

Hello There,

I’m in the process of trying to configure the WooCommerce plugin on my WordPress site to work with Square. I installed the “Woosquare Payment” plugin and when customers go to pay for an Event Ticket (puts in their credit card information, etc) the site outputs an “Internal Server Error”. I checked my logs and the message that I found that I believe relates to this error is :

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Square::updateInventory() in /app/wp-content/plugins/woosquare-payment/_inc/square.class.php

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

– Thank You

– PaladinCML

Hi there!

We have updated the fixed issue in codecany that you mentioned in your last comment. once codecanyon team approved that updated patch you can easily download it and again installed it

Please Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.


Hi PaladinCML,

Codecanyon team approved our fixed patch now you can download it from codecanyon and installed it again and let us know if you face any other issue so email us at support@wpexperts.io with your item purchase code.