Woo Commerce Plugin Affiliate Coupon Code

I’m looking for this functionality outlined below and I can’t find anything so I’m looking for help with a direction where to look or someone who can build this.

The admin of the site provides all the products. His own artwork nothing from any other website.
The salesperson signs up and receives a CODE he or she can hand out or share on SocialMedia. I would prefer they have the ability to give the code a unique name. i.e. (TMAJAX)

The CODE is good forever and is worth a percentage OFF the product. The code is associated with the salesperson. Every time the code is used the salesperson receives a commission. Salesperson also has the ability to check commission stats.

I want the salesperson able to easily share the code on SocialMedia or have it on a business card and hand it out.
i.e go to this website and enter this code (TMAJAX).

The customer gets a percentage off. The salesperson receives a commission anytime the code is used.

Has anyone had experience with this? Any help will be much appreciated.