Woo 3rd Paw :)

Finally got my 3rd Paw, really glad ive been able to make a start on Envato since finding out about the site late last year - my only regret is not finding out about this site years ago! (but im sure ALL new authors think that!)

Massive respect to all of the Audiojungle and Envato community :slight_smile:

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Congratulations and great job! … from Midnight to another :wink:

Congratulations :wink:

Congrats…MidnightResistanceAu…!!! :slight_smile:

Congrats, man!

Congrats dude … your portfolio is awesome !! Keep up with good work !!!

This is a small present for you !! :slight_smile:


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Congrats, man! :wink:

Thanks everyone! lol fankimankiz - Great community here at AJ! Best of luck to everyone