Wondering if I should resubmit these two tracks.

Hey everyone. Just looking for some opinions on whether these are worth resubmitting. I wrote and first submitted them well over a year ago, and they were both rightfully rejected. In the time since, I’ve revisited both tracks and made changes accordingly (and then sat on them for a long time), but I’m not sure if I want to submit them again. Any opinions are welcomed.

Biting The Earth: All I did to this one was remix it. I think at the time the composition may have been deemed a bit too “challenging?” It still might be, as there are some interesting chords in it, but I wouldn’t call them dissonant. At least I like it…

You’d Better Run: I went off the rails on this one originally… I was having too much fun writing this and ended up with some elements in it that were way off the mark for what AJ is/was looking for. So I changed it up quite a bit in the composition/arrangement, and also remixed it from the ground up as well.


These compositions are great and very interesting, something I would listen to myself just to enjoy.

But I can say with almost 100% certainty that they would not be accepted here at AudioJungle. It’s just not the type of music they’re looking for, as they lack a distinct application for sync to video.

That being said, I believe the sound could be improved a bit, especially the drums. I feel that the B section in Biting the Earth needs a new drum pattern, and more cymbals emphasizing the rhythm at the right places. I would also look for another snare.

I don’t really like the phaser/flanger on the drums in the second track as it really takes power away from the snare, making it uneven. But it’s a very nice composition and a cool track.

Overall, both mixes sound a bit muffled, and lack the sparkle and clarity of a finished track. I would work on improving that and put it up for sale at other places than AJ, that have a bigger variety of music.


I enjoyed listening to these. AND I agree with Flumen on all counts. After some refinement, these would be better suited at other sites looking for more variety than AJ.

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Thanks @Flumen and @MidnightSnap, I always appreciate both of your insights.

I agree that there may be a need for some variety in the drums in the B section of Biting… I might have been playing it a bit safe there or something. I did put some “rhythmic emphasis” in the cymbals there, but I also did bury the cymbals to a degree. As far as the snare, I actually love that whole kit I used for that one, so if I take your advice on everything else, I’d leave the snare as is. Matter of taste, I guess.

As far as the flange on the drum kit in the other tune, I added it for a bit of interest, but I do definitely hear what it’s doing to the snare. I could take it or leave it, but it’s worth experimenting with (maybe keeping it on everything else in the kit besides the snare, maybe kill it altogether).

For the overall mix, they both actually sound kind of bright to me on my monitors. However as with everything I’ve ever recorded (these included), they still lack something that I can’t put my finger on when I compare them to other (pro) tracks. I know my (lack of) experience has something to do with it, and I have some other theories as well.

In any case, thanks again to you both for taking a listen and giving me feedback. It’s very much appreciated.