Wondering how exposure (pageviews) works on AJ

Hi there, I was just checking one of my items in Audiojungle, and noticed a weird behaviour on item views.
Month 1 - 16 views
Month 2 - 0
Month 3 - 0
Month 4 - 10 views
nothing after that for about a year now.

So I am wondering, what caused that jump at month 4 and why it suddenly stopped before and after that? My item name is like every other track on AJ, inspiring motivational something, nothing special. Heck I even copied popular tags from various top seller tracks. What makes that jump? How does it work. Thanks for help!

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That’s how the search engine works.


It can happen when the link to your item is reposted somewhere on affiliate sites, youtube or perhaps some videohiver used it with the link.The tab Analitics => Refferals sometimes can show the source of visits.