Wonderful News

I just had an email from Mrs Anna Joy who kindly informed me of a compensation claim payout awaiting me. Now all I have to do is make contact with Reverend Anderson in Nigeria to provide necessary bank information so a bank transfer can be actioned. How lucky I am.



I have heard about this and this apparently how millionaires are made.
Congratulations and enjoy your new lifestyle!

This is the only Reverend in where i trust. :wink:

Wow me a millionaire - my man servant Jeremy will be pleased.


God bless Reverend Anderson! :wink:

I have now forwarded all my bank details to Rev. Anderson and am now awaiting his reply

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You can buy one of those 1000000$ audiojungle tracks now!


That sounds like a good idea - that could be used in the YouTube video illustrating the good work that Rev. Anderson must be doing in Nigeria.

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Make sure you choose the right license for YouTube! Film & Broadcast costs only20$, so don’t cheat.

Still awaiting Rev. Anderson’s reply - he must have got my details since he has already deducted the transfer fee from my bank account. I am just creating a shopping list of all the plugins I am going to buy.

Just to let everyone know what is happening. My bank just telephoned me to inform me of a problem with the transaction of funds. It seems that I have not got sufficient funds in my bank account following a bank transfer earlier on. I am sure everything will be fine.

Hang in there, this is just a small technical issue, which I am sure will be resolved quickly.

I hope so - feeling a little anxious at the moment, I was sure I had enough money to make the transfer. You don’t think I have made a mistake do you?

Just had a very strange email from Rev. Anderson, he sent me an email with some very rude pictures with what I can only guess is Mrs Anna Joy in some very naughty and offensive poses.

It was a scam - I cannot believe it.

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No way!

good news for me too today, I’m due to receive $1.5 million from the United Nations!

Wow that really is wonderful news.

Such kind of spam message I got toó - NOT provide any your personal information