Wondered why my submission rejected!

I’ve tried to make a super cool coming soon template and I’m confused why it simply hard rejected!!


It’s confusing ( not the video, math :slight_smile: )

since it’s confusing, it means quality is not good? however I’m posting on other marketplaces and getting sells, wondering why someone can decide about quality, OK if it’s not good, they must write short reason. like, spacings are not ok? or what?

There’s nothing especially wrong with it - just nothing especially premium either that sets it apart or is much more than can be found online for free.

Also for reference - you are an exclusive author so if you are selling this one elsewhere then it will never be approved as that breaches your author agreement .

I sell items when not approve on TF somewhere else. not here and somewhere else in same time.

part or is much more than can be found online for free.

I can list more than 100 items exist in Themeforest that free alternatives are much better than them, it’s a personal comment, nothing mentioned in Themeforest manifest I guess.

Like this one, that I’ve tried so much on Themeforest, but they replied that kinda this sucks! :expressionless:
But any person I show demo will say its so cool! so I’ve posted in Other place :man_shrugging: