Wonder why this project was rejected!


I made this after effects template and I was 90% that it’s going be accepted.
Preview Video

I know that the market place is saturated and the reviewers are looking for higher quality projects. According to me this a high quality project.
Maybe I’m evaluating my project higher than it should be.

So according to you what’s missing in this project and how it can be improved.
Why do you think it was rejected.

Any feedback and tips to improve the project are welcomed.
Thanks for your time.

Sorry, but… If you added this project here before submission, I would give 99% that this project will be rejected

  • Combination of absolutely diverse styles
  • Outdated font
  • Smoke is separeted very bad from the background
  • Bad color combinations
  • Lack of commercial potential

I appreciate your feedback romlam.

Thank you, I think you’ve mentioned some important key points that I didn’t consider while making the project.

If you don’t mind just one thing, what do you mean by combination of diverse styles?

I’m still in the phase learning and getting more familiar what’s suitable for VideoHive,
Thanks for your help.

There is no uniform style. The smoke and logo look realistic, but the rocket is cartoonish. Elements are not compatible with each other. Also, when I see the glare from the windows on the logo, I realize that the logo is in a room with light, but the background is too gray, dark and gloomy. This also gives a certain dissonance.


Some valuables remarks and observations I didn’t pay attention to.
I really appreciate your feedback and your opinion.
Thanks again.

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