Wonder, where TF is going ?

Recently I found a line from the conversation of Envato Authors.

Themeforest is a Sinking Ship” . But while checking recent approvals , there is no wonder about this statement.

Where TF standards gone ? I mean High Aesthetic , the word, which was a nightmare once upon time for all authors .

Now ? One can approve a PSD with single page, or three pages ? or even with item preview image?

There are many TF Home Page Wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

Request @collis to answer , why TF quality getting down day by day.



Absolutely true… Some designs getting approved in PSD category are just shame…

Cannot believe my eyes, that this shit is happening on TF PSD category.

totally agree

Now more item with low quality approved.
Total agree with you @DigiSamaritan

Not only in themeforest but also graphicriver.

Don’t even dare to check codecanyon.

Seems a trend to approve low quality stuff

Where is the force of reviewers we encountered initially?

Agreed… It’s painful to see, and this is also causing massive pains in the review time and front page exposure.

Yeah, really missing the time of 2-3 years ago, when getting approved is a pride and I want to say this to the world & to anybody that just happens to meet us. :grinning:
Anyway, I think of these below great guys who have been reviewing our items.
@jremick @kailoon @Crusader12 @fmontes @emiluzelac @Ivor @michael_l
I believe you guys have your own reasons to approve that but hopefully that is good for the marketplace, community and design industry.

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Perhaps the newest reviewers don’t just yet know which items to approve and which to reject. The standard really went down and too many items are approved every day.

It’s hard to find interesting and innovative items in this flood. Designs are often copycats and uninspiring. Everyone wants to earn easy money (duh!).

But this flood is causing earnings being distributed among too many authors (and Elements!}. This is why Envato says “hey, there’s growth” but individual authors disagree. This might be why the HTML category is seemingly dead. There are sales, collectively, in between a large number of templates.


Yes. It 's true. I have known many PSDs that were hard rejected before. But now they are on market with minor editing. The standard is gone this time.