Wokiee Shopify theme not working after 3 years of having website!!

I’ve had my shopify website since 2020 & now all of a sudden nothing is showing on my home page/shop page. I contacted shopify & they told me it’s a problem with my theme, and that I need to contact Envato. What do I do? My website is www.taelordenisehairco.com

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You need to make sure you sure using the latest copy of the theme and if so then talk to the author: Envato Market Help and Support

You may need to renew your support for the author to help.


How do I find out who the author is and how do I renew it? I don’t know a thing about this, which is why I hired a graphic designer.

This is likely to be complicated unfortunately.

You have no buyer badge on your account so i assume you hired someone who purchased the theme and installed it for you?

If so, then you will need to talk to them about updating the theme version to the latest copy (if you have not done this in 3 years then you definitely need to), as you will not be able to access it and you cannot purchase author support unless you purchased the item in the first place.

If you are no longer in touch with the person who helped originally then the other alternative is to purchase your own copy/license of the theme Wokiee - Multipurpose Shopify Theme by p-themes | ThemeForest then you could hire a freelancer to install/update it

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Yes I hired a person to install the theme & she created my whole website on her own. She said her customer files are wiped after 2 years so she has no access to “original coding or graphics”…So how do I know which theme to buy so I can have someone update it?

Shopify told me to contact “Porto” and the graphic desinger told me to contact “envato”…so do I purchase Porto theme or whatever?

The theme you are using is the one in our last post Wokiee - Multipurpose Shopify Theme by p-themes | ThemeForest

It’s impossible to say how easy an update would be or if the original person made any custom changes so the right option is:

  • buy your own copy of the theme (which gives you 6 months support so the author might be willing to help)
  • get someone (worth asking the author) to back up the site/clone it and attempt an update
  • If that does not work then you may need whoever you get to help you to investigate further on how to fix it

You need to be logged into envato then you can email the author here otherwise there are freelancers here like @ki-themes who may be able to help.


Oh okay, I will follow instruction you gave me. I hope and pray that works. Thank you so much for helping me :pray:t5: because I had absolutely no clue on what to do!

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Start by contacting the author - they know the theme better than anyone and will be best placed to advise on what to do.

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Will do. Thank you!

Having the same issues with this theme as of today. Contacted the author for support - no update yet.
Theme is less than 1 year old, and even the duplicate copy of the theme we have installed (on the same store) does not show images either - even though we haven’t updated that in a month.

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Having the same issues. Just started. All pics, videos, add to cart etc. even with older versions of the theme and other installations of the same theme create same errors

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Glad I’m not the only one. I have version 2.1.2 and it had worked fine for over a year and suddenly everything is broken. Dropdowns, pictures, etc. Basically, everything broke for me about 2-3 hours ago with no changes to my code.

can confirm this solution from the comments on themeforest:

In the code editor, change the name of theme.js to theme.min.js and change how it is called in the include_js.liquid file


You are a lifesaver! Worked for me

That worked! Thank you so much!

Worked with me, you saved me. Thank you

My friend, you have no idea how much you saved me!!!
Thank you very much!

Worked for me too, many thanks. Hope nothing wont still be not working, but the website back again! Great!

Thank you all! Worked for us - what a great community :slight_smile: