Woffice License Problem

I have a problem. My Support for woffice is over and now I have a problem with EventON Update. But I also have no purchase key for eventon. So who can I ask for support? EventON said: you have no purchase key. (because it’s part of woffice package). Envato aka alkawaeb said: No support anymore… HELP!

The problem is: The automatic update for EventOn failed. It sais there are no files in the package. When I want to do the update manually, I need an EventON purchase key for downloading the new version…

If EventOn needs updating and was bundled within the WOfiice theme then it is the WOffice author who has the p/code and is responsible for updating the plugin.

Support or not you are entitled to any update made on the theme so you would still be able to access the download once the author updates the plugin.

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Woffice lead developper here.

We’ve created an article about this here : https://alkaweb.ticksy.com/article/7080/

And also : https://alkaweb.ticksy.com/article/5197/

If you need any more detail, please reach us from our profile page.

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