Wocommerce plugin was hard reject reason

I created an woocommerce plugin which can be seen here:
The plugin is usefull, I wrote it because many clients requested this feature on the wesites we developed and I did not found something to do the job.
The plugin is liteweight, it dosent slow the product page load, it can be customized, I wrote the documentation, I created .POT for translation.

They simply give me hard reject wihout any hint.
What should I do now?
What should i modify?
Can I modify the plugn and try to submit it under different name?

Any help appreciated!

It’s the work-around for “Related items”, you can actually link those items within the description section without any third plug-in, with this approach, there’s not much need for this plugin and it’s normal it’s rejected.

Hello and thanks for your answer. But in my opinion this is not entirely true. Most of the themes display the related items bellow the product details and reviews. This is how woocommerce intended this feature to be used.
About the second observation, yes you could use simple links in the product shord description but this will be harder to do if you have 5 or 6 products with the similar options as you will have to edit each product. Where, by using this plugin you only edit one of the products and the variation is saved for all of them. You can also change the order and will reflect on all of them. You can Disable the variation if you need to, and enable it back later, without changing the short description of all products.
I use this plugin (another version) for multiple clients and they all find it very usefull.

Thank you!