Without Being Too Specific - How Are We Doing Elsewhere?

I have noticed a general downward trend since the beginning of the year at my other main outlet.

Almost, but not “absolutely dead.”

How about you guys?


Sales are down


Slower than usual.

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In general an upwards trend since March for me outside AJ, though July seems to be 30-40% slower so far


Elsewhere? This weekend I had a festival gig, where I made roughly the same $$$ in 2 hours on the stage, as on AudioJungle in a year. :rofl: :rofl:


I meant online but…good for you! :smiley:

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The year started strong here, but has been in a steady decline since March. Other marketplaces are mostly holding steady for us, with only a slight dip from typical. July just may be the first month we see sales on another marketplace exceed our sales on AJ.


Okay, I would think people need a new sound like, another royalty free music website I know called ES, you should know what it stands for. Probably they need more tracks like that website

As far as I heard and read around the web, the grass is not greener at all on the side, quite the contrary, at least at a similar quality tier (Pee-Fi, MovementElements, MelodyneLoops, etc.). All these ravenous sub models, Elements in particular, are really beating the sh#t out of our lil business, IMHO.

It’s always been a mistery to me what would be the story in PremiereBeat or other slightly higher end libraries…

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They once tried to rise their price to $59 but then turn back to $49. Looks like every aspect of digital market is getting hit by free and subscription model.

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About the Elements.
Can thus eliminate competitors from other sites.
And attract buyers to Envato.
And how long it will last is unknown.
We are in any case only bystanders and can not do anything.
We can only wait, hope and believe.
I can only say one thing: all the stock music markets are going through bad times now

Except for AJ (can sales go backwards??), no decline in sales at all for me, quite the opposite. Up about 340% this year, but I’m relatively new to the royalty free market, and my portfolio for this segment is growing, so that number doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But I guess I’m selling as many licenses with the main competitors in a day as I’m selling here in 10 days (or more). It’s incredibly sad having to witness this market here go down like this…I liked AJ way more than all the others (the community was superb when I lurked around the forums!), but I obviously came late to the party…
For the high-end side of the market, constant growth. Filmmakers and Trailer Houses couldn’t care less about subscription models (or course, there are always exceptions, I guess). Yes, even the fees for big trailers are down, but obviously more films and trailers are being produced than ever before… And there’s always the possibility to pitch your stuff yourself if you’re good enough and believe in what you do. Get IMDb Pro, do your due diligence (like, really… never (!) send inappropriate or sub-par stuff, the industry is very small…), find out what people might need, and grind.

BTW Happy belated Birthday @EightBallAudio !


My comments will only be based on my own experience and my statistics which is not 100% judicious because of different factors which are that I only make stock music for 1 year and a few months and that I am not able to make of living with stock music right now and that my catalog on Audio Jungle is really small + I’m develop niche music which is not trendy at all !

Without other sites my earnings would be extremely lamentable. Everything is better elsewhere than Aj. What is interesting is that some sites works better than others depending on the period. And this observation finally makes it possible to remain stable in terms of income and number of sales each month. (More or less). So I have every reason to be optimistic on the long run!

Happy Birthday @EightBallAudio :slight_smile: !!!


I’m doing incredibly well outside of AJ, to the point where I don’t even worry about sales here anymore.

I’ve spent the majority of this year learning about building my own audience and website. My site is now my main source of revenue. Many of you who post on the forums have incredible portfolios and I believe you can probably accomplish the same.

The one really cool thing that surprised me is the number of customers I’ve acquired who I’ve started to build friendships with. Now when I’m making new sounds or libraries, I have a bunch of specific people in mind that I want to deliver something awesome for.


Very well in other libraries. Very bad in AJ. Lately they’ve been keeping my tracks on " Temporarily held for further review" for 28 days now.

This site is just bad for me. I don’t even care to put on a ticket for that issue. All my newer tracks have 0 sales so why even bother.


@Sound-Spark-LLC, I’m a huge fan of your libraries! I actually recommended many of the ones you offer at ASoundFX to clients who bought them and are super satisfied with them. Congrats on such an amazing work!

When it comes to music, though, I don’t think the market tendencies are equivalent. Those who are having better luck in other markets: are you making roughly 80 to 100 sales a month?

Cheers people!


Agreed. Don’t mine for gold when you can sell shovels :laughing:

You definitely still can make an income with non-exclusive royalty free stuff and do this full-time. But it’s hard work, as we all know, at least in countries with high cost of living. It’s pretty easy (in comparison) to pull it off when you’re in a country with low wages… Temptingly easy :smile:

I’m agree with you !

About sale, it’s not possible for me right now to have so much sales aha. Let’s be realistic I’m starting from scratch in stock music and music production ! I think its a little bit harder now than before. I see so many great author here, with really great track, composing for years right now, it’s pretty hard for new author I think !
But I will be able to tell you this in few years :slight_smile: I’m more focus about produce better track, provide better quality and build a better portfolio right now !

But my personal results show me that I’m out of luck here, even if I try to work hard for approvals ! And that my rejected track works well elsewhere !

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30% fall (half a year was a constant increase)
I think “vacation time”

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