Withdrawal with payoneer

Hi! I am using my bank swift number to withdrawal moneys, but transaction fee is 50$. I don’t want lose my money, so, Do I can use my friends payoneer card for withdrawal (only one time)? He is also videohive author

@SpaceStockFootage help me please

As I know it’s not possible. Why do not you make your own card?

My card will receive after 14 days, but I need wthdraw my monthly money today :frowning:

Many people complain that they did not receive a card from the first time. I had the same story. I had to order the card again. On the second try the card came. I do not know why this happens

So you will be lucky if you receive your card in 14 days :slight_smile:

I’m so surprised when I hear you said 14 days for a Payoneer Mastercard.
I just go to the Bank and get a Visa card in 20~30 minutes. After that I just connect my Visa card to Payoneer account in 30 minutes and get money from Payoneer to my Bank account.