Withdrawal request via PayPal made on 01 Jan 2017 rejected


I just wanted to know the reason for rejection withdrawal.
Who has the problem like me?

Thanks and regards

They’re usually only rejected at the end of the month, if you’ve not met the withdrawal threshold. The minimum is $50 for Paypal. I’d have to double check what it is for the rest, but I think it’s the same for Skrill… just higher for SWIFT payments as far as I’m aware.

Did you have over $50 in your account at the end of January?

Thank you for your answer

My Earnings was $126 at the end of the month!
On Jan 31 email I received all earnings has been calculated.
but in 03 Feb 2017 i see in Statements section “Withdrawal Rejection = Withdrawal request via PayPal made on 01 Jan 2017 rejected”

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Contact the support

I contact with support team, but nobody response to my ticket after 4 days…

Send your ticket number here : https://twitter.com/envato_help

Thank you for your help

Hi again
After 5 days ,nobody can’t to help me. Or tell me any reason for rejected my withdrawal. I wish resolve my problem soon as soon…

I was really disappointed from help team and support team…