Withdrawal Process

Today it was supposed to be the withdrawal day, and on my withdrawal it’s written that the withdrawal will be processed on 15th July, 2017. Every time the withdrawal takes place by 12:30 am est. But now it’s 2:30 est i guess but the withdrawal still didn’t get processed

Envato does not process withdrawals on weekends.

Please note: If the 15th day of the month falls on a weekend or an Australian public holiday then withdrawals will be processed the following business day.

Also please consider looking for similar threads before starting new ones. There’s already a thread for this here:


I Almost Forgot That Today Is Saturday :smiley:

Happy Saturday dude! Looking forward to Monday though.

hello i have more than 50usd in my account.but there is no withdrawal button to show?

Go to the menu by hovering over your name in the top right of the marketplace, and click on ‘payouts’. Follow the instructions to add a withdrawal method.

i have set payout account but there is no withdraw button.i have already withdraw money from the same account.

Withdrawals are automatic (once a month), for all balances over the withdrawal threshold amount.