Withdrawal money

Hello everyone!
I made withdrawal request to paypal account on 2 last month then its processing
but My money returned to my envato balance. Its my first withdrawal

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Our money added TF balance too.

I have same problem too

I have the same problem! First time try SWIFT transfer. Contact support.

We contacted support but there is no answer. We seeing a lot of authors have same problem. We’re still waiting a explanation.

I also have the exact same problem, I already contacted with support and I didn’t want to make a big fuss about it but I just got a response that says bunch of things about my PayPal account rejecting the money and then this:

…then check with PayPal. Once you have done that please set up a new withdrawal for next month

I wasn’t even going to post about it on the forums but seriously? Is this what Envato becomes now? A multi-million dollar company that holds my money for about a month (after cutting a reasonable portion of it for itself which I don’t mind, you deserve it) and after a single try, you are telling me to wait for another month rather than trying to give me a solution? I already waited for a month, let you use my money to earn more money but waiting for another month, are you kidding me?

I am not going to talk about the bills I have to pay or people I have to fed because that won’t make any sense. If you are here long enough, by now you should probably know that you can’t depend on Envato anymore.

I am also well aware that things can get broken and to be honest I wasn’t even worried about this because I had faith that it would get resolved and to my surprise I still have. But that sentence, I can’t even find any words to describe how I feel now. Betrayed, I suppose…

Shame… It’s just a shame that you are making more and more money by pushing your most valuable thing away; us.


Ayni maili banada attilar, sikintinin paypal ile oldugunu soylediler. Haftasonuna denk geldigi icin paypal ile gorusme yapamadim.

Paypal ile az once bir gorusmem oldu. Hesabimda herhangi bir sikinti olmadigini soylediler.

Sarah (Envato Market Help)
Apr 16, 05:45

Hi There,

It looks like we attempted to make payment to you but PayPal refused the payment. Please check with PayPal directly about what has caused the issue.

PayPal - receiving payments

thanks for contacting PayPal regarding your failed payments.

I have investigated your account and can confirm there are no issues and you can send and receive payments without problems.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance.


Emrah Tahir

I had same problem, too
But Its not envato fault
Paypal doesn’t transfer to some countries
You should contact paypal help team and send your problem its helped

Hi fixdesign!
I had same problem, too
But Its not envato fault
Paypal doesn’t transfer to some countries
You should contact paypal help team and send your problem its helped

We’re still waiting envato’s answer. We contacted paypal support team and there’s no problem on our account.

I have the same problem. There’s no need to contact PayPal support because I received a payment from a different ThemeForest author that I am collaborating with. So it’s all about Envato and I haven’t received any response from Envato yet. I seriously am considering to solve this problem by law. As @srcn said we have people to feed, bills to pay, and we have been counting on Envato that they are sending our money on time, at least until now!

To wrap things up on my end, I received the money this morning. As I said, I had the faith that it would get resolved and it did. But that doesn’t mean everything is back to super normal for me. Now I have another little thing to worry about on the 15th of every month.

For me, it wasn’t a PayPal issue, I contacted with them and they said my account is in perfect shape and there wasn’t any ‘Rejected incoming transactions’. I don’t know what was the issue but I’m glad it got resolved and hopefully won’t happen again to any of us. I hope all of you get your earnings as soon as possible.

Best of luck everybody.

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Hi guys!
Today, faced with the same problem:
"Withdrawal request via PayPal made on 06 May 2016 rejected"
I am waiting this money a very long time.
It is today strongly needed them.
The reason for rejection is not known to me, no details.
Who already faced this problem, tell me, please,
To what email do I need to write, to solve this problem???

hi! I have a problem with the withdrawal of funds, what to do? Where should i write? I really need money! or is it just a glitch in the system site or PayPay?

Hey @ElenaM I think most of the english speakers here don’t really understand the meaning of the word такая же :slight_smile:

The problem with the withdrawal of money on 1 September. I learned on the Paypal site. And 15 September there was no flow of funds to Paypal. Why envato not brought money? I am concerned. I still hope that the problem is solved!

Anybody use Skrill here? As I know there is no problems with it

What’s happen to Envato Withdrawal System ?!
Why March withdrawal returned to our Envato account ?!

Why when a series problem occurred none of Envato team members read these blogs but if you ask a non-important question all team members come to blogs and answer quickly ?!!

Please READ this blog if you have enough time and of course if you are not at SLEEP