withdrawal from algeria



I went to “AGB” to open a bank account to transfer my earnings from envato, I explained it to them
He said to me that it is impossible to convert my earnings Either through PayPal or Skrill or PayPal or SWIFT

He said to me to be of you so you get a work contract and And justify your business

thanks for help me


Not sure what your question is? Kind of incomplete.

Funds withdrawn and received by Envato are paid out in form of a ‘Wire Transfer’, which all banks can do.

You simply must provide your details to Envato and they will process those payments on a monthly basis.

Your bank will then receive those funds as a ‘Wire Transfer’.

Your bank may require you confirming where the funds are coming from, we unfortunately had this problem.

Envato then wrote us a letter and provided us with details after contacting them, that we brought to our bank.

In short, it’s just one person sending money to another person and all banks should be capable of doing this.

However, each banks policy on this may differ slightly and require validation of where the payments come from.

This will require your contacting Envato. You’ll need to provide that detail to your bank and they will review it.

Hope this helps.


How do I send you the bank information,
Knowing that the Bank operates from Sunday to Thursday
Please stay in touch with me