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I have deposited money to my account. Now I have changed my mind and want to take my money back. I can see there it says “Credit is non-refundable”. But can I withdraw it using different payment method?

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Am sorry, but you can’t withdraw your deposited money with any payment method.


Based on this question, i deposited and bought a theme, and i want to remove or, transfer. Is it not possible to transfer funds to other users account so as for them to make good use of it…?

Also, why can’t anvato make it possible to deposit the exact amount you want to use and purchase a theme or product…? i see it as criminal, to deposit $60, and make use of $54 and you are not permitted to withdraw your remaining $6 … and then give you an ultimatum to make use of it…!!! really not good. Can’t it be reviewed…?Thanks


You can use the exact amounts except that there is a small extra charge to do this (less than if you are left with $6 unused). I don’t know the exact reason but I would imagine that having slightly more consistent amounts helps to lower admin costs .v. everyone paying different amounts each time.

As for transferring in between accounts - Envato is not a bank and I am almost certain that doing this requires completely different regulations and mechanics to prevent fraud.


Thanks for your explanations, but it still doesn’t answer. This is for improvement purpose. You can even place a service charge for every payment below $20 . As long as its codes, it will work Placing a service charge just like the $2 on paypal, At least, make it easy for any amount to go through. Yes, Envato is not a bank, Transferring payment will be a great source of publicity, you can even come up with tour own crypto currency. Well, i think am typing too much. But its not fun to see your funds getting expired and nothing needed to buy with it. Thanks again…!!!


There is more explanation here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202500304-Why-is-there-a-minimum-20-credit-on-Envato-Markets-


Well, in the country i am, we’re not allowed to register and use Paypal, and ur payment gateway does jot allow credit cards from some international countries. So we’re restricted to skrill. If you can include skrill, then, that would be nice. Or even Payoneer.


I was faced same problem because of my fault. Then I contacted to support team and they helped me very quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:


I purchased a theme from your site but I don’t like that theme so I get for a refund, and I got my refund, but now, I want to purchase another from another site, so how can I get my money which is in envanto account to my bank account so that I can purchase theme.


If you are buying another theme then just use credits.

When you bought the first item was that a direct purchase or did you buy credits/deposit?


I want to purchase theme from another site, not from your site, and that is why I need my money back.


How did you pay originally?

Usually it’s returned the way you paid between direct or credits


I paid through PayPal directly to buy a theme, and now get a refund for that theme and it credited back to my envato account. How can I send it back to my PayPal?


Hey @justfor,

Getting touch with Envato Customer Success They would like to assist you.
At here(Envato Forum) We can’t help you about that issue.We just this is our help to sending you to contact with customer success.