Withdraw methods for authors

It has always been, and has closed our cards (deactivated) (direct withdrawal via ATM) since May 27. Therefore, this is not an option! We are looking for another!

Do you have any other choice, guys?


Full support for this topic. Very important to solved that. I have experience only with paypal and paysend. Paysend is very good choice for money transfer, but I’m not sure if it can work with aj.

I fully support! this should be considered.

Hi @SmartSounds !

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Payeer +

Yandex Money

Hi @MASSACARESOUND ! Your opinion will not be taken into account! You had to vote earlier, and not after the close of voting!

Voting is closed! :unlock: :unlock: :unlock:

We have already decided!
We have chosen Payeer (most authors)! :wink:

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Yandex Money +1

In Belarus, this case is even worse. If you ask enwato to add a payment system, then we need to take include also Ukraine and Belarus.
I think so.

Thanks for all the input on this thread everyone. After the bank card issue with Payoneer we took some time to reflect on options available to authors. We will continue to do that as situations unfold around the world. However, the work to set up a new payout provider is extensive and will not be something that we can turn on over a few days.

We’ll continue to monitor changes in our existing payout providers but there are no plans to change or add additional payout options at this time. If you’re keen to keep looking for alternatives for Envato to explore, here are some things to consider:

  1. Is this a payout provider that can handle the scale of Envato?
  2. Is this a payout provider that can work in more than a few countries?
  3. Do they have a proven track record?

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and for starting this conversation.


Hi James! In fact, You (Envato) should be interested in this in the first place! Did you go deep (or your team) into this very important question for us (as the authors of the Russia)? What can you suggest as an alternative option?

We are very worried about the withdrawal of our honestly earned money from here! In the near future, that “black day” may come when a real problem arises (for authors from Russia), due to the impossibility of withdrawing our funds here!
Paypal and Payoneer recently proved their unreliability to all of us (we have provided you with the facts)!
Thank you! :blush:

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the PayPal payment system has stopped making domestic transfers within Russia, and not international ones. What is not prohibited is allowed!

How many times did they change their minds in a week (Paypal)? That is, you give guarantees that they will not change their minds tomorrow? Large companies (and reliable ones) don’t do this!!!

Understand this money and you can’t play with it as if it were a ball, it is honestly earned money from real users!

@Kolokol Are you ready to be left without money (your salary) from an unreliable payment system (at least for a month or more)?

What guarantees can there be if you don’t know what will happen in a minute, hour, day, and so on ?!

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Did you see what Envato said to us? “The ground” must be made in advance, due to the latest actions of these unreliable payment systems!

We speak by facts! What has already been done to limit withdrawals for Russia! You can’t argue with facts!

Have a nice day :wink:, I hope you understand the meaning and essence of this problem!

PayPal прекратил денежные переводы внутри России

I’ve read this. Alternative methods are needed anyway (Envato said that they can do this but very slowly, which is why we are preparing them in advance). Not everyone makes a penny here, someone lives only with the help of this market and works full time (authors from Russia).

ahh … sorry, it is not immediately noticeable that you are a billionaire

Payoneer has stopped servicing their cards in Russia since May 27, Paypal “twisted like a snake in a frying pan” and does not know what they will do tomorrow. That is why we need a decent and reliable payment system!

Is this a personal rebuke?

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