Withdraw amount not credited in my bank account

I had withdraw $1500 amount on 28-Aug-2015 but still didn’t get any credit in my bank account.

Is anyone of you using wire transfer method to withdraw funds in india??
What are the limits and suggestions for me?? I withdrew my money for
first time from codecanyon and facing this problem.

I used wire transfer method to withdraw my amount.

I connected my bank about this and they are requesting below information.- Currency.(I think it is USD)

  • Reference ID of transaction
  • Transaction made from which bank, country.
  • Company Name

i submitted ticket in envato at 22-sep-2015, My ticket id is 310222. but i have not got any response.

I really need my fund.

at list payment related query envato not first priority.

please give me any idea. what to do?

please advise me.

Hello Sargana,

i ever heard about my friend, he has withdrawal it’s almost like you withdraw to your bank account, he got call from their bank account to come to the local bank, because he had withdraw a lot, have you tried to call or get in touch to your local bank ?