witch part of the australia shoul i read before selling?


Can any one send me a link to the relevant part of the australian copyrights Law?
I wish to read before starting to sell my stuff around here, thanks


Assuming this is about protecting your work rather than including other scripts, designs etc?

I don’t think it’s specifically Australian copyright law that you need to be concerned with (irrelevant of where envato are from).

Remember that envato are just a marketplace, they do not retain any copyright for files sold here - that is 100% with the author.

If you items end up on warez sites (unfortunately this happens and there’s little authors/envato can do to prevent it), then any subsequent DCMAs or other action must come from the author not envato. There’s more advice here and here. If this is going to stress you out then stock marketplaces may not be the best solution for you.


actually im more concerned about cases were someone complaining about me infringing Copyrights
not that im intending to…but its alaways good to be prepared fo the worst


If someone registers a complaint against you then envato will remove the file immediately (they are legally required to do so) but resolving the situation and any outcome will have nothing to do with envato and would be between you and the person making the claim.

Your work must be original and not inspired, based on or using anyone else’s work so I am not really sure how or why you would end up with claims against you but if for whatever reason this seems not possible then again this isn’t the place to be submitting work.


"Your work must be original and not inspired, based on or using anyone else’s work so.

This is exactly why i need to read about this
what do they excactly mean by inspired? and whats the diffrense between inspired and based on?
or what would happend if i were to upload something that i made 100% from my own mind. but acceditnly happen to be somewhat semmilar to someone elses work?

also were exactly did i mention that i expect evanto to intervene? if i tought they should
i wouldent try to make such thorough reading on the subject

considering how those thing might get me to curt if not handled correctly
i do not think that me wishes to learn excactly what im allowed and not allowed to do
is not unreasonible