Winter musicfest flyer

What you think of it?
The raindeer is a stock image because i don’t have a raindeer in the neighbourhood.
All the rest are custom made with Blender 3D and Photoshop.
Took me a lot of time to create the main elements so hope you like it.



It’s approved? it’s better that before designs, regards.

I don’t sell it as a flyer, if I sell it on GR I will sell it as an editable Psd artwork.

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What category are you planning to upload it to? It definitely looks/feels like a flyer

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@charlie4282 yes but do it always have to be text on it?

You got to deal with a lot of typo rules if it is uploaded as a flyer.
But i will give it a try.
So i decided to upload it as an editable flyer
If it got a rejection i will upload it as a 11x16 inch poster without text.

I can’t see it being approved without the text as a flyer, poster or otherwise.

With respect to the hard work to make the 3D items - they all feel a bit piled onto the canvas rather than the design being cleanly blended

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I think that you need see inspirations other flyers (colors, typography, etc) for give you idea better texts… good luck.