Winners not announced yet for - Design our Envato Community 2019 T-shirt Contest

Winners for Design our Envato Community 2019 T-shirt Contest have not announced yet ?
I think the date was 1st March 2019. Isn’t it ?

Hey @OmWebSolutions,

That’s true the date was 1st March but that time was under weekend may be that is the reason to delay publishing result.
My opinion keep patience hope it will come out soon.


Ben has been a bit busy with family stuff but we’ll have your winners up as soon as possible :grin:

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I love to participate such contest and eager to hear the winner’s list. Can’t stopped myself from asking the team :wink:
Till then Keep Smiling and Be Creative…

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can we announce the winners? it’s 5 of March now :^)

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I was too much excited about t shirt contest but it vanishes in the air soon.Can anybody tell me what is going on here ?:confused: I never expected that envato may miss a deadline :disappointed: The most frustrating thing is that no body even care to make an announcement about the delay!Waiting for uncertain amount time is not only frustrating but also irritating :angry: So i hope envato would provide some update about the exact date of result publication. @BenLeong

Hi all!

Some family medical issues have kept me out of action for most of the last week - I’ll post the contest winners as soon as I can. Final scores from our judges have all come in, so I just need to sort through them all now :slight_smile:


Hi @BenLeong hope your family is fine now and recoverd from all medical issues.