Windows Movie Maker and Book Intro Video?

Hi all, I have a book that I wrote and am currently selling on Amazon. I would like a video to introduce it on my website. Does anyone have a video for something like this? The book is about internet marketing and social networking if that helps.

Also, how do I use these movies? I only have Windows Live Movie Maker installed on my pc. Is there some free software that you guys recommend for me to download so I can edit these videos?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Hey Candy see if you like this one:

You need Adobe After Effects to customize the file, you can’t do very much with Movie Maker… if you don’t know how to use it you may ask the author to do it for you (an extra fee may apply, but you have to ask him), hope it helps.


You mean a project to get your book? 8)I agree with the fellow, with that little program you can do … Explain whether you need or want your idea and help you. Good luck with your book. :wink:

Huh? I don’t understand anything you just said. No, the book is finished and selling on Kindle through Amazon. I just want a cool video to give my book a fancy introduction. One that I could edit to change author name, title etc. I like the idea the first reply gave me. Thanks for that.

You cannot edit project files with Window’s Movie Maker. For most projects you need Adobe After Effects.

You can download a one month free trial here:

Yes, that’s a very good project to promote a book, you can change anything, front/back/side cover, inner pages, text during the animation and background color… but you need After Effects and some basic/intermediate skills to edit the file, if you don’t want to waste your time I can customize the project for you, feel free to write me via my profile page for more info.