WIn10 compatibility

Someone knows if works in your DAW all the instruments and plugins when you update to win 10?


Hey Katcamusic,

I use FL Studio 12 and upgraded to Windows 10 a few months ago. The transition was fairly seamless and everything seems to be working fine. If you want to be extra safe, go to the website of your DAW and check for Win10 compatibility. Ultimately though, as a rule of thumb, if everything was working fine on Win7 / 8 (if that’s what you’re using), it should be fine. I would however make sure that your audio interface / sound card is running on the latest drivers for optimal compatibility.

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Thanks AurusAudio!!

But your plugins like waves, slatedigital or others still running as well as In the last version of Windows?

Yep, everything works fine :+1:

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No problems so far.
I rely heavily on East West products, their play plugin works very well.

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Thanks Widekeys!