Win our Facebook Animated Header Contest and get Massive Exposure to over 200k followers

Then you can’t submit it here and you won’t be eligible for prizes. Nothing from stopping you though!

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Hi guys, this is the first contest I am participating. My submission is based my item I sell on videohive - Animated Screen Mockup

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Here’s my submission:

Used to work with the Envato Market: ,



Is a font, bought from Graphic River, considered an element that can be used in the project?

Thank you!

Hi, where can I download all your Envato logos?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My Entry:

Based on:

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Hi @webdotinc! Yes, totally fine! :slight_smile:


Here you go!

My entry:

Bases on my items:



My Entry:

Based on:


Animated Header (820px x 312px) for the Envato Market Contest based on the following After Effects template project:

Funny … I used similar fireflies for my own FB profile header video :slight_smile:

This is cool !!

Hi, friends!) My entry:

“Busy bees on Envato land”

Based on:


Hello everyone!.. This is my entry:
Envato FB Header by Vectorica

Based on: Agus Sans / M1 - Animated Font

I hope you liked, good luck to all!

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Hello, I have a question … I think that YouTube compresses the quality of the video too much. It also does not show the exact size of the video (820 x 312). I would like to upload the video on some server to not lose so much quality, is it possible? Thank you.

Here’s the original video of my entry:

Here’s a Full HD version:


As much as I try to refrain from giving my competitors advice when it comes to contests… your entry is much better than mine, so I’ll make an exception! Your entry doesn’t really loop, so in theory, it might not be eligible to win. You might want to sort that, just to be on the safe side!

Hello, boyz and gurlz! Here is my animation )

Based on

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Hello! All headers are cool! Wish a good luck to all!
Here is my animation

Item used

Original Quality

Hello, thanks for communicating, sorry to dissent with you but my project works perfectly as a loop. Please try to see it on a player where you can loop. The editing style of my project considers scene cuts, but maintains its continuity perfectly.