Win a Massive $1,000 in our Server Downtime Web Page Redesign Contest!

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We want you to show-off your awesome design skills and help redesign our server downtime page! Not only will your entry have a chance of winning a sensational grand prize of $1,000, but we will credit your name on the page!

What We're Looking for

Our downtime page is looking rather dull and is in need of a major facelift. With such an incredible community here consisting of many designers, why not allow our community to be part of the redesign process?! Here's the page that you will be redesigning:

Envato Server Downtime Page

Here's What we Need from You

  • A redesign of this page ( that appears when Envato Market is currently not available due to a server issue.
  • Your design must include the following requirements:
    • Page must contain the Envato logo (Download .EPS | Download .PNG)
    • Page must include a primary section or message alerting the user that they have encountered an error page.
      • e.g. “Something went wrong”. We welcome creative ideas!
    • Page must include a secondary section or message containing supporting information and next steps.
      • e.g. “Sorry, this page is not available. Our development team have automatically been notified of this issue. Please try again in a few minutes. In the meantime, here's a link back to what you were doing before this happened. If you have further concerns or questions, please contact the Help Team who will be very happy to assist you.”
    • Layout is consistent with the rest of our site, so in a desktop browser the content area is 984px.
    • Designs are based on our font stack: Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

What We’re Looking For

    • It is clear to the user they have hit an error page and what they can do.
    • Designs are considerate of page load time.
    • Represents Envato in a fun and creative way.
    • Show progressive enhancement throughout your design.
    • How well the design will scale to tablet and mobile - you can provide mobile and tablet designs also, but they are optional.
    • See our full terms and conditions for this contest.

How to Enter

  1. Create fully-layered and editable graphic files in either Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator format.
  2. Post a screenshot of your design(s) as a comment on this challenge page.
  3. Complete the official entry form + use it to provide a link to your source file(s). Your source file(s) will not be shared with anyone outside of Envato. Be sure to resubmit this form each time you enter (with a maximum of 3 entries per person).
  4. Submit entries by midday (12pm) on October 2, 2015 (AEST)

Prizes & Judging

  • Grand Prize:
    • $1,000 (via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill)
    • Won a contest badge
    • Your name will be credited for your work
Entries will be judged by a panel of front-end designers at Envato! Judges will be looking for great overall design, and consideration for page load time, progressive enhancement, and how well the design(s) work responsively. We will announce the winner by October 12, 2015.

Terms & Conditions

  • You may enter a maximum of 3 entries
  • Everyone who enters must (i) post screenshot(s) of their entry via this thread, and (ii) must complete our official entry form to be eligible for prizes.
  • Staff may enter, but are not eligible for prizes
  • Please see our full terms and conditions
Best of luck to everyone who enters!

Nice movement! Wish I could design, but I cant :smile: . Good luck to everyone

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I’ll Try Something - if possible :smile:

Official entry form link is wrong. can’t access.

Photoshop has to be or could be and html/css?

Thanks @Muse_Master! First link was working but not the one further down. Now fixed. Thanks again! :smile:

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No HTML/CSS. Just the design please. It can be made in Photoshop, Sketch, or Illustrator. :thumbsup:

Seems very fun hehe
I will try :grin:

great contest, I will definitely create something !!

Awesome, thanks for calling authors to be part of it, we’ll try to design something soon!

Does it mean that you’ll need the downtime page more and more? :wink:

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Ha, ha, hopefully not! :slight_smile: With the downtime we had a few weeks ago I think we just realized that it was time to spruce up the page and what better way to do it than with the help of our creative community! :thumbsup:

Well, what if the DDoS Attackers win the contest and continuously attack to marketplaces to boost their EGO? :smiley:

Oh my god we are all doomed now :smiley:

PS:Good luck to everyone :wink:

My exactly toughts! :laughing:

Hi guys, first shot here, let the contest begin hahaha :smile:


Yeah, I like it. Just the design, no CSS or HTML need.

If I have to vote, my vote is for you until I see something exceptional

One thing I’d recommend, both to the people creating the error pages, and the people judging/implementing the new error page… best to be careful when it comes to the humour. Having something a bit quirky and playful is good, but you’re essentially delivering bad news, so it’s wise not to come across as thinking a working website isn’t all that important, or you’re making light of something not functioning correctly.

Imagine if somebody is going to the withdrawal page an hour or two before the end of the month, and they desperately need that money in the middle of the next month or their going to have trouble paying their rent, paying for an important operation, settling a debt with a loan shark who will break their knees etc… or you’ve got a buyer desperately trying to buy or download an item to meet a deadline… and they get some page saying “hey there! This page isn’t working, it’s been taken over by giant zombies from space, but don’t have a cow dude! Chill out, read a book, go out and play… we’ll be back up and running in no time. Or maybe we won’t! Who knows?! Lol.”

That’s just going to add insult to injury. That’s the way I see it anyway.


Here’s our 1st entry :smile:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci

Oops, we’ve just noticed a typing error, that “why” should not be considered :smile:
@scottwills is it possible to edit an entry before Oct. 2nd?


This is my first of the 3 entries: