Will This Theme get Approve if i Submit?

I wonder will this theme get approve.
is the design good or bad?
I will be happy for your any kind of feedback!

Theme Demos


found a small issue with z-index or something


WIn10 / Chrome 48

I will look at it.

What do you think about the design?

I am pleased for spotting that.

I regret to say that the design is not good for the market enough.

There are 18 shows very similar.

It is very basic and needs to work out the details and typography.

Good luck with your submission.

Sorry, I not like it template.

It won’t be accepted, sorry.

I am happy for your comments

Can you tell me what shall i change in it, what is missing in it?
have i applied the design principles or not its completely bad design?
your few more words can save tons of my time i want to learn more.

Aside from anything else what’s your connection to this http://www.moonthemes.com/premium/stock-theme/

Assuming this is your theme under a different name then you need to stop being an exclusive author and also selling it elsewhere or will never be approved

You should work on the design.

Ya i know that,
if i decided to submit this theme and if it gets approve, i will not sell it there on my site.

but i think the design is not good enough so i am not submitting in themeforest.

It does need work but either way and even with improvements it is unlikely to be approved whilst for sale elsewhere even if you intend to remove it on approval.