Will this pass review and if not, why not?

Will this design pass review?

If not, why do you think it wouldn’t?

Fonts, typography hierarchy, colors, idea. Sorry, but everything is too far to be approved here

Thank you for your honesty. This was actually just a practice run to practice some new ideas and styles, but I was wondering if it can be “Juiced Up” in a way where it could be sold, so that’s why I’m asking for feedback

think about it, who would buy this? there is a back picture and some text on top of it … they would save time and money to do on their own lol
typo is a complete failure, not aesthetic, not logical, not matching , old looking and misplaced and apart from typo there is nothing here … sorry to be this very honest but think about it … here is where the big dogs play , standards have been raising on several occasions and this is very much more difficult to have anything approved and here is what u come up with …
my advice is take your time, learn a whole lot of things as regard to design , take your time to bring as good a quality item and post it only if u feel very very satisfied with what u have …