Will this Get Hard Rejected?

I got hard rejected the last three tries.
This is a new one.
Will it get hard rejected and if so what should i change?

95% chance to get a hard rejection because of image quality, negative space issue, alignment issue and so on. Sorry, but I had this time and rejected many times with many products. It looks like you are a developer, not a designer. There is a known way to get rid of this phase. Find/purchase/develop a good design by an experienced designer then do the HTML conversion of that TF-approved design.

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thank you!
But wont that be like ripping off?

Not if you have permission / partnership with the original author

That said - while it’s likely to improve the chances of approval it is definitely not a guarantee

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No no, the Designer does the design, HTML dev does the HTML conversion, Theme devs do Theme conversion. Yes, if you master of all then you can. Otherwise, you should make each part of your product from each factory.

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How do I get these permissions?
Also, how long did it take you guys to stop getting rejected?

What else does TF check apart from design that would kill my chances?

You need to find a design which is not yet concerted then contact the author using the form on their profile.

They need to send a ticket to envato granting permission and then give you the ticket ID to include in your submission

You need to be clear on stuff like - are you paying a one-off fee to do it or sharing a % if sales? Who’s account is uploading it? Who is supporting the item going forward? Etc

How do i improve my design mistakes if i cant see them?
Because that last one seemed to be good enough

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What is wrong with the image quality?


Is there a way to test for all of these principles of design?

With respect the original link here is not even close to the standard.

  • As per above the about section is clearly copied from a basics tutorial

  • There are issues throughout with the very basics of design like typography, spacing, margins etc

  • The concept is vastly vastly overdone and crowded

  • the footer says 2013 which is what it feels like

  • There are no unique or premium features with many freebie files out there offering much more to a higher standard

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It’s not the reviewers job to teach design - in a premium marketplace it’s reasonable to expect people submitting items for sale to be able to determine and recognise what is right and wrong

If you are not comfortable with that then you need to partner with someone who is

Granted yours is a one page template (again the most competitive and crowded space on the marketplace) but as good benchmark - Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template by SemiColonWeb | ThemeForest this is what a strong item for sale on envato looks like - the multiple demos, versatility, high quality and unique functionality, attention to detail in design etc.

This is what you should be aiming for.

The challenges am facing are because I am teaching myself design from scratch.
I guess I will practice more.
Also, I will move to other platforms that are more favorable for a beginner like me, maybe the freebie ones.
Thanks for your input @charlie4282 and @Robert_Biswas


Sorry for your design not quality premiun for so was hard rejected, your need practice more design but you can see for example other design approved in themeforest. (please not copy style to other design).

Thank you.

To improve your design, I suggest you check out the RefactoringUI videos and book. It has excellent practical advice and examples.

However, you should consider that not everyone is naturally an artistically-inclined / design-inclined person. I include myself in this category. That’s why I’d suggest you consider developing plugins (on CodeCanyon), where functionality is what’s important and there are fewer design elements.

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