Will this flyer get approved?? Feedback please

Hi, this is a minimal event countdown flyer. Kindly let me know whether it is good enough or not.

Hello, I am sorry to tell you but this will definitely not get approved. The reason being:
The design is too basic and thus the use cases for such an item are very limited.
I haven’t seen your layer structure but looking at the template I would assume that the options for modification by the user are very limited.
Even with that being said there is no date for the event, location, short summary for participants lets say, etc, which are all basic things that should be there.

Spend a little more time working on your item and improving it and then try to submit.

Hi, thank you for you valuable feedback. I have shared my layer structure & edited flyer below. Kindly let me know your views.

Also, I have added the date at the bottom of the poster. I have written the name of the participant at the center & the event logo & address is also there at the bottom the flyer.

Layer Structure

hi this is decent double exposure but the thing is that there are many ingredients missing all the same and a good deal of things to possibly fix , too
the fact of the matter is that the way the model is cut is not perfect and this is being underlined by the double exposure thing indeed. Then there is likely to be a incoherence as regard to the purpose of the style and actual purpose. Indeed, the design looks very much to be oriented to be a movie poster but in the end the central title is denying it indeed. So u have a global style and the footer in particular being dissonant with the purpose that u have given to the item …
in addition, there is a clear problem of imbrication and general harmony of the item as the footer is completely disconnected with the central title + double exposure composition.
The global style is rather simple too, the fact of the matter is that u do not have something so very impressive to offer at the moment to “afford” having zero work at all in the background , in the end …
the typo part is also very dissonant indeed. U have a modern brush style mixed with a traditional greek style like other font, which contributes to increase the disconnection felt at seeing both parts of your work right now …
as mentioned (rightfully so) by @OctaTheme, there is also a real lack of information that are meant to be required indeed, not to mention that this is hard to identify at first sight if the laurel thing is supposed to be a logo, a reward indicator or anything else …

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Hi, thank you so much for such a detailed feedback. Keeping all the points in mind I will definitely try & improve my future designs.

i suggest that u try to rework the concerned design, here is what i learnt from the experience that i have of helping people here , the people who try to take note and apply to “the next design” very often come up with the very same mistakes with their next designs , i believe that reworking and applying things are helping to integrate principles and t get familiar with them, too. now , this all despends on u , this is just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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Alright then based on your feedback I will make changes on the above design & share ASAP.

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