Will this design be accepted in the WordPress category?

What do you think about this template and design: https://templates.themekit.dev/joleaf/ ?
If I convert it to WordPress, will it be accepted?

Thank you!

Not an expert on themeforest but looks quite cheap to be honest.

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Hi @Schiocco, I am sorry to say but this most definitely won’t be accepted as it is.
The clean and minimal design idea is nice but the implementation needs many improvements. Starting from the top:

  1. In desktop view the logo is way too big which won’t necessarily work for everyone. And when viewed in mobile it’s too small - the menu icons are bigger than the logo, which again is not good.
  2. Out of the three menu icons only one has functionality - the cart button, the profile one doesn’t work, and the same with the “like” button. It should be clear if this is a button to “like” a product, or to save it, or is it something else. If it’s to bookmark a product, then you should have showcased that functionality.
  3. In the header of the page, or the hero section you are using image instead of text which is a very bad practice. What if a user that bought your theme wants to change that text? He would have to use an editing software to achieve the same effect. This in itself is a reason for rejection.
  4. The animation of the header shrinking when the page is scrolled is “janky”. So this needs improvement also.
  5. Your overall page layout needs improvement - indicate clearly what every page is about, so the user has clear expectations, if that makes sense. For example if I go to the “Blog” page, it’s not clear that this is the blog page, there is no main title.
  6. When viewed in mobile most of the pages don’t look optimized - the header has a lot of white space and one has to scroll down to view the content.
  7. In general, I think you should focus on improving the design, make it more interesting, as well as the page layouts. Also add some variations to your theme - I see that you have 3 header variants, maybe do the same for the footer, etc, so that your item has more flexibility and use cases.
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