Will this be good enough for AJ?

Hey friends,

after a few hard rejections I would like to have some feedback before submitting this one.
Please let me know if there’s anything that could lead to a hard rejection in this one.
I’m still learning about stock music and so I am not sure if this one is ready yet.



Is there nobody ou there to give some advice? Please :wink:

Hi @ZRRG_Music!
my only advice is to listen to top sellers in this category and try to build your own track after understanding their way of producing and composing, chords, structures, sounds, etc…
Keep you the good work :slight_smile:

Hi There,
I like the track but I think it will be rejected because is too repetitive.
That’s my 2 Cents… hope it helps

I think it has a good rhythm… maybe it need some more strenght on evolution?
It’s just an idea…
greetings and Good luck with future approvals!

Thanks for your feedback so far.
I’ve made some changes to the track, added some stuff. Is it better now? Or even worse?


I think idea and track is good, but listen to your main “pluck” sound (that plays in solo in the beginning), it has some heavy resonant frequencies at note F#, i would clean it a little bit!

Thanks for all your good feedback. I’ve submitted the song and hopefully it will be accepted.
I’m already working on something new and different. Do you think this will fit for AJ or is it missing commercial ability?