Will this be approved or rejected, Birds logo reveal ??

What do you guys think?

will this be approved or rejected as an afx project? I thought, I will not bother uploading, if this one will get rejected too, like all of my other afx projects.

Not good enough, sorry. Reject

It’s a bit on the simple side. If you got rid of the birds and the transition, then it would just be a static logo on a plain background… so it’s more of a transition than a logo animation, as the logo itself isn’t animated. Not exactly sure what you can do to get it approved, but it needs to be a bit more dynamic, more movement, the movement of the birds could be better, show a few logos, different customisation options etc.

And one thing to note… you would have got a soft reject straight away for using the old Envato logo.

need to improve it then.

how about, a cloud in the middle and the birds push away the cloud and reveal the logo.
with better birds animation.