Will this action approved or not?

You can’t use copyrighted logos or trademarks in your item or preview


So if I change the preview with simple text or logos then? Will they accept this?

Dude your preview image not good, does not show what action does… make preview image with examples before and after play action, there is no need to write much text rather make simple preview design with basic information.
There are a lot of text actions on the market so take a look.


Action Approved! Yeah, You are right… I have to make before & after images, forgot it. I’ll do this on upcoming actions & mock-ups.

BTW, I’m inspired by designers, you’re one of them, you’re in my following list. :slight_smile:

great to see such high grade author is replying me (noob)! I think it’s very rare…

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Thanks for compliment, you can change preview image after it has item been approved… approval is only the first step, the most important thing is sales and that is the goal of every author in the market and motivation for further.
Most buyers does not read the item description until the end or does not read it at all so it is preview image a very important to attract attention.

Your item would be rejected because of the preview image (which clearly does not show the result of the action) some time ago but as far as I can see they have lowered the criteria in lot category on Market. Keep these things in mind because in the end we are all here for sales.


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really u can do this ? because as for I could understand if u ever change the preview u have to resubmit for review

I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone but I can, not going to review already be active in about ten minutes (some kind of trust system), it’s the same when I want to update item.

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even for tags it takes to resubmit as for I know … which is not convenient by the way and resulted in some strange things happening to some people sometimes with the item being rejected in the end . as for I could read. On the other hand, maybe it depends greatly on the category , I really have no idea about this indeed

I haven’t tried to change the tags but preview image, thumbnail and item update can change on this way for a long time…

interesting to know if this works :slight_smile:

I think it’s not for everyone, I just started & my upload limit is 5 items per month.
they will re-check it & surely reject it… because of that issue… You’re right preview is the main attraction of the buyer.

I can’t afford that! I know that if my items rejected many times they will permanently block me.

Working on new effect, I’ll add some more details as you suggested, Thank You.

Man your review picture bad, doesn’t show what activity does… make see picture with models prior and then afterward play activity, there is no compelling reason to compose a lot of text rather simplify see plan with essential data.

There are a ton of text activities available so investigate.

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This is not Preview Image! :smiley: This is just what I’m trying to do…