Will these warnings be approved by the themeforest team?

Please help me.
I have a warning like this.

Will this qualify for the themeforest team review?
View warning image

Giving More Info Will Be Good.
Cant tell anything with that single image.

Did you submitted any themeforest item for review ?
What did you get in your mail Soft Reject or Hard Reject ?

No, it won’t be approved. You have to eliminate all the Warning and Required points. Info is ok.

I have not submitted this theme yet. because I was afraid of rejecting again.

How should I fix the error, others I can overcome but in the text-domain can not yet. Please help me?..

Thank you for responding.

Judging from the screenshot you have an empty string somewhere instead of text domain name. You should make a global search, find it and replace with your theme’s text domain name.

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It really helps me, yes I think so too. Ok now I will really look for these errors. Thank you very much. greetings.

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