Will these tracks get rejected?

I have been on this site less than a month and I’ve had 1 track accepted but 4 rejections. The new rules have put me in a precarious situation because I have 4 tracks currently in the queue (uploaded before rule change). If they are all rejected I would then have to have my 2 tracks a month all accepted for the next 4 months. It doesn’t feel productive to delete tracks from the queue but it might be a good strategy given the situation. I would really appreciate feedback on my tracks.


“Ocean Blocks” is good. Only the end of the track is heard unfinished. If the track is accepted, be sure to complete it.

“Peaceful Bliss” is the same.

“Spooky Halloween” is fine.

“Christmas Comedy” is fine.
Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback

I would love to know if they get accepted. Nice tracks btw.

Very nice tracks! I believe that these tracks will be approved! Good luck

update: They did all get accepted! I put some new tracks in the queue and I’m getting better each time so I’m happy

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Great news! Now we are waiting for the first sale … Good luck!

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Congrats! Realy cool tracks!