Will there be audio files available in Elements ?

Will there be audio files in Elements.envato to create your own video with music?
Because now you have to buy audio files separately

Hi @Agnieszkadudon. We will eventually be adding some categories of audio items to Elements, but don’t currently have a release date for that. We’ll be announcing upcoming changes via these forums, and also via email - if you have an Elements account (paid or free trial) you should be able to receive email announcements when we have more news about new content types.

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Thank you, I will be waiting impatiently. For now I do not have an account in elements because I care about video and audio the most. How can I set up a free trial account?

If you go to elements.envato.com you should see a “Create an Account” link on the top menu:


That will take you to a signup page to create a free account. You’ll just need to provide a name, email address, and accept the site’s privacy policy / T&Cs. After that, you’ll be able to browse all items and do things like downloading any free files that are available.