Will the interface be confirmed if I send it over? If it meets the criteria?

Psd Template.

Interface is finished! I sent the interface, can I update it when other parts are complete?

I sent the interface.
If i send If i send! Is it approved?
2. still i ask.
Can I update it when other parts are complete?

No way to tell for sure if it will be accepted since you haven’t shown what it looks like. However, if it is accepted, you can in fact edit it with updates later on, but updates to the item itself will have to go through the review process again, things like the description and price can be edited any time.

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Thanks, i will tomorrow send.

Only for interface rejected I can know?

Try to understand the marketplace before upload.

The rejection will come I sense.

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To be clear you cannot submit items in stages or bits and this could easily lead to uploads being restricted. The item needs to be complete before submission.

If you are new I would strongly advise sharing your demo image/link here before submissions

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