Will something like this be approved?

Hello. BinkyBunnyMusic is sorta a beginner in music, and even more so in stock music. Was just messing around and came up with this. BinkyBunnyMusic doesn’t really make these kinds of music and was wondering if something like this would be approved? BinkyBunnyMusic’s guts tell them that it won’t be approved because it doesn’t have that “AudioJungle” vibe.

It’s a Synthwave(?) track. The track is barely mixed and has zero automation, hence the lack of dynamics and abrupt intro. BinkyBunnyMusic just wants some feedback before deciding what to do with this track. But the general idea of the track is set.

BinkyBunnyMusic thanks yous for your time!

Has BinkyBunnyMusic tried to use the tags “synthwave” “retro” “80s synth”, for example, in AJ to compare with BinkyBunnyMusic´s demo? :wink:

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BinkyBunnyMusic thanks Manriquedelara for Manriquedelara’s reply! BinkyBunnyMusic has indeed compared the tracks with BinkyBunnyMusic’s. As BinkyBunnyMusic mentioned, BinkyBunnyMusic personally felt that it lacked the “AudioJungle” vibes. But BinkyBunnyMusic thought that BinkyBunnyMusic wanted another’s perspective!

You´re welcome BinkyBunnyMusic. :wink:

Oh, BinkyBunnyMusic’s track has vanished :upside_down_face: :grin:.

Yea… Sorry about that! BinkyBunnyMusic figured that it’s not AudioJungle worthy after a couple more listens! BinkyBunnyMusic thanks Audioland for dropping by! :smiley_cat:

BinkyBunnyMusic should carefully think about the question, why BinkyBunnyMusic thinks as a beginner in music, that BinkyBunny’sMusic will have commercial success? BinkyBunnyMusic should maybe do some practice and exercise and carefully hear with his big ears to other tracks from successful composers, before he starts the big BinkyBunnyMusic commercial career. :wink:

Yes! BinkyBunnyMusic thanks Daydreamz-Studios for Daydreamz-Studios’ reply and advice! BinkyBunnyMusic wasn’t really thinking in terms of having commercial success, but BinkyBunnyMusic was just not trying to ruin BinkyBunnyMusic’s approval rating. BinkyBunnyMusic just got BinkyBunnyMusic’s upload limit up this month! One rejection and it’s back down to 2 tracks a month! :scream_cat:

Maybe this link could help BinkyBunnyMusic in the future: