will my video sharing PHP script get approval or not?

Hello there,
want to know if my script will get approved or not?

I have written a PHP script for video sharing same as youtube also the front-end is according to the current youtube’s interface
so will it get approval or should I need to change the Interface ?


Why not give it a try and you’ll find after?

If you are already aware that it is copying the design of the best-known platform out there then there is a very good chance you will not be approved.

Your best option is to share a preview image of it here if you want serious feedback

here are few images bellow from my script

That’s not inspired - it is a direct copy of YouTube - you can’t submit that

so it means i should change the interface

Yes definitely.

It is far too similar to YouTube which a) would never be accepted and b) could land you in a lot of trouble given that all of Google work is almost certainly protected

I have made the themes to be changeable so is it not possible to submit with this interface as far as a theme can be changed later?

No - this looks like a complete rip off of YouTube.

If the theme is interchangeable (switching colours will not be enough) then it should not be too much effort to do this and make it more unique

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Ok thanks I understand now

Buyer will not buy because similar to YouTube, only few people will interested and they can buy.

You can work on front end ( change video grid style, pip mode, auto play, video grids, change video play page, comment section design, subscribe and other options.

You need to work on design and some features.